Market Update December 29, 2023

Stafford, VA 22554 | Real Estate Metrics: Smarter Decisions, Bigger Profits


Hey Stafford sellers, discover the key real estate metrics for smarter decisions and bigger profits! Check out these crucial indicators:


Months Supply of Inventory  at 0.99, it reveals how long it’d take to sell all homes without new listings. Lower numbers imply higher demand.  This, of course, creates a competitive market. A 0.99 supply indicates limited homes available for sale.

12-Month Change in Inventory which dropped by -62.5%. This shows faster home sales compared to last year.  That’s GREAT NEWS for sellers!

Median Days Homes are On the Market being just 12 days! This rapid turnover indicates high demand, attracting eager buyers and reducing listing times.

List to Sold Price Percentage at 99.8% showcases homes selling very close to their listed prices, a significant advantage for sellers.

Median Sold Price of $540,000 highlights a strong market where buyers are willing to pay well for properties.


In summary, these metrics are interconnected. Low inventory months and a substantial drop indicate a competitive market. A 12-day Median Days on Market confirms swift property turnovers. A 99.8% List to Sold Price Percentage means sellers are achieving their desired prices, while a $540,000 Median Sold Price portrays a healthy market with eager buyers.

For sellers, this data brings promising news: high demand, speedy sales, and favorable prices. It’s an optimal moment to list and secure a profitable sale!