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The Ultimate Checklist for Raising Healthy Backyard Chickens in Fairfax, Virginia for Poultry Perfection!


Welcome to the Ultimate Poultry Playbook in Fairfax!

This egg-citing checklist is your secret recipe to poultry success, sprinkled with Fairfax flair. From building predator-proof coops to choosing chickens cooler than cucumbers, cracking the egg-laying code, and keeping neighbors as happy as clams (or chickens), this checklist’s got your feathers covered. Get ready for some ‘egg-stravagant’ chicken shenanigans! You’re about to dive into the cluck-tastic world of chicken farming. Get your feathers ruffled and your puns ready because this backyard adventure is about to get ‘egg-citing





  • Comply with Fairfax County Regulations
    Yes – you can raise backyard chickens in Fairfax County!  If the property is less than 2 acres, call the Zoning Evaluation at 703-324-1290, to get the paperwork needed, and make sure to check your Home Owner’s Association rules and regulations. And of course, the amazing neighbor you are, discuss your plans with your neighbors beforehand! Look up Fairfax-specific laws and zoning regulations governing chicken-keeping. Ensure compliance with ordinances on coop size, chicken quantity, and distance from property lines. Fairfax County Government: “Chickens in Your Backyard


  • Construct a Coop Fit for Fairfax
    To run a top-notch backyard chicken operation, you’ll need a coop that’s sturdy enough to make the raccoons and foxes green give up before even trying.  Think laying box for the eggs and a ‘run’ area for the chickens to strut their stuff. And remember, give those birds some space! Three chickens minimum, with a spacious four square feet per bird inside.


  • Pick Your Perfect Fowl!
    Pick your poultry squad wisely! Think Rhode Island Reds or Sussex chickens—they’re like the survival champs in our weather rollercoaster. Aim for those egg-ceptional, friendly types too! Ever heard of the celebs in the chicken world? Meet the Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana, and Orpington, the real VIPs of the Fairfax feathered scene, according to the Fairfax County Government’s chicken gossip!


  • Source Healthy Chicks or Pullets
    Get your hands on chicks that fit right into our local scene! Find ’em healthy and all set to conquer the Fairfax chicken lifestyle. Find a local hatchery or order from further away.  Yes – they do ship! Here are some (I do not vouch for either, as I have personally not tried them yet): Chirp n’ Cluck, Marker 99 Poultry, Valley Hatchery, Stromberg’s,

  • Establish Feeding and Watering Stations
    Keep their bellies happy with a balanced diet and H2-Oh-Yeah! Provide nutritionally balanced feed and fresh water daily, according to the climate and the chickens’ dietary needs, and ensure feeders and waterers are easily accessible within the coop.


  • Routine Coop Maintenance
    Keep the coop tidy to keep the party going! Check your chickens regularly and if they seem off, a vet visit might be in order. Just some good ol’ TLC for your gals!


  • Implement Predator Protection
    Time to chicken-proof your place like a boss! Install predator-resistant fencing, hardware cloth, and motion-activated lights to safeguard chickens against larger birds, foxes, etc. No party crashers allowed in this cluckin’ coop! Tips for keeping them safe.


  • Expect Egg-laying and Manage Eggs
    Allow time for chickens to mature (around 5-6 months) before expecting eggs. Collect eggs daily, provide nesting materials, and store eggs as per recommended guidelines.

  • Neighborly Chats & Chicken Diplomacy
    Tell then neighbors about your gals, addressing any concerns and maintaining good relationships in your neighborhood. Share surplus eggs and educate the community about responsible chicken-keeping practices.


  • Cluck yeah! Welcome to Chicken Mania!
    Get ready to enjoy your new flock of feathered divas! They come with their own drama, quirky personalities, and, of course, a daily supply of eggs.


Note: All the information above is sourced from online research and should be confirmed.